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About Vintage Pug Senior Sanctuary

The unfortunate reality is that, on a daily basis, Pugs appear in shelters, as strays, roaming the streets, or are relinquished by their owners. Many have significant medical concerns that make them difficult and expensive to care for, but poor health does not have to mean poor quality of life! Thanks to the support of individuals like you – we can give these unwanted Seniors a place to live out their lives being loved and well cared for. Our goal is to be a forever home; a comfortable and loving place for sick, elderly, or otherwise unadoptable Pugs to live out their lives in a sanctuary setting.

Our Board and Directors are dedicated to giving even the most neglected or forgotten of Pugs a place to be cared for, spoiled, and live out their days as a member of a family. We feel that our Sanctuary can make all the difference in a geriatric Pug’s life, for however much time they have left, even if it's only a short while. While these Pugs may not have known kindness, care, peace, or protection before – we will provide that now. Along with top-notch medical care, a healthy diet, attention to each individual Pug’s needs, and a chance to retire from whatever life they led previously. We depend on the generosity of our supporters via donations and participation in our fundraising activities to provide quality hospice care to these deserving dogs.

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