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Meet the Adoptable Pups

Pugs listed below are available for adoption either through Vintage Pug, or via one of our partner rescues and being fostered by us here at Vintage Pug. Pugs adoptable through Vintage Pug can be applied for through this page and the form below. For pugs we are fostering, please visit that rescue's website to apply. 



Clemens Bramble


At 12 years old, Butterball's owner surrendered him to Vintage Pug. She had him since he was 2 when he retired from being a stud dog. His owner had been shaving his fur to keep shedding down and while he is looking much better, his fur may never fully return to the glory of his younger years. Butterball is in good health, just older and quiet. He does well with other dogs (and even cats and kids) but mostly just prefers to sit near his person or follow you from place to place. Butterball likes a short walk or a long stroller ride and a nap in a cozy dog bed. 

Clemens found himself in a shelter in Jackson, CA and Road Dogs immediately jumped in! We were happy to pull him from the shelter since it was near Vintage Pug and offered to foster him on their behalf. Other than being a senior gentleman (approximately 10 to 12 years old) he is in wonderful health. Road Dogs is sponsoring his neuter and dental and then he'll be ready for his new home. Clemens gets along well with other dogs and is still spry enough to jump up onto the couch or bed to join you for a snuggle. He is definitely a lap dog who wants to be where you are. Housebroken and quiet, Clemens can't wait to have his own family and put the shelter behind him. Apply through Road Dogs if you are interested. 

Boba's owner moved away and left this 12 year old brindle boy with family. Having lived outside his whole life, Boba's lack of house manners and his potty accidents were too much for the family and they surrendered him to Vintage Pug. We are working on his potty training and he is picking it up quickly. Boba enjoys a cozy bed and likes to watch people to figure out what is going to happen next. He is becoming more affectionate each day and is learning a routine very quickly - he definitely knows he loves being an indoor dog now that he has a few weeks under his belt. We will be having him seen by our vets for a full medical work up and then he will be available for adoption. Boba does well with dogs, kids and cats!



Toast was surrendered by her owners who just didn't have time for her. She's only a year and a half and very sensitive - we were told she experienced some not-so-gentle treatment and she has only been fed table scraps (and left alone a lot!) So far she's adjusting to the other dogs (fast and jumpy young dogs make her nervous but she doesn't mind calm dogs). She walks well on leashe, loves the car, and is completely housebroken. Toast doesn't seem to have any experience with toys, dogs beds, or dog food yet but we are working on it. She is healthy but came to us very badly matted and has some fur loss from an aggressive cut to help her out - she'll grow back gorgeous in no time! Toast wants a person to spend lots of time with her and let her be a princess who sleeps on the pillow next to you!

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