Since being founded in 2021 - Vintage Pug Senior Sanctuary has already been a retirement home for 17 pugs and fostered 4 pugs who found their forever homes


Senior pug

Snickers was surrendered by his family at 9 years of age, with mast cell cancer. We were privileged to care for him through treatments, surgeries and into his twilight years when his mobility, vision, and hearing failed. Despite the challenges he faced, Snickers gave us 6 years of love and devotion and we were so lucky to enjoy the love of a special-needs senior. 


Senior pug

Whisper was picked up as a stray with dozens of age-related ailments including severe luxating patellas, kidney disease, bad teeth, spinal arthritis, mammary tumors, incontinence due to uterine tumors, vision loss, and more. Estimated to be between 14 and 15, Whisper was coddled and spoiled through her last few months before passing peacefully in Sept of 2021.


Senior pug in sanctuary

Lovely Lemon was found as a stray and turned in to the local shelter. DNA tests have shown she is a Pug-Pekingese-Poodle mix. Lemon is delightfully bossy, despite her cataracts, liver disease, bad joints and skin issues. We are getting her allergies under control and letting her run the sanctuary as she sees fit.


senior pug in sanctuary

It's difficult to say just what Kiwi has been through in her 10 or so years of life, but most of it clearly hasn't been good. Riddled with ringworm, blind, with severely infected ears and badly neglected teeth, Kiwi was covered in masses and very timid. She likely has had many litters of puppies in her life. But now she's the resident princess and receives top notch vet care.


rescued meat trade dog

Tofu made her way to the US after being rescued from a meat truck in China by Slaughterhouse Survivors. With her medical needs quickly under control, we were able to focus on her her social and emotional concerns. It has taken nearly a year, but Tofu's amazing personality is finally shining bright and she is a favorite of everyone who meets her. 


one-eyed pug

Adorable, one-eyed Romeo was having a hard time at the SPCA. Surrendered by his owners for not doing well living outdoors all the time with multiple other dogs, he kept being adopted and returned for his high energy. We picked him up and he did amazingly with all the vintage pugs, so we transported him to Pug Nation and he quickly found a forever home.


young male pug in rescue

Pugsley's owners contacted and said they wanted to turn him over: he lived outside with their 5 other dogs and was always being picked on. Poor Pugsley was very nervous, with no manners or housebreaking but the sweetest personality. He was scared around other dogs but has been placed in a foster home willing to help him learn and blossom before getting a family.

Fanni & Gumbo

2 senior pugs

Fanni and Gumbo tragically lost their loving mother and found themselves, along with their 4 grown pups, homeless and very scared. Thankfully we were able to help provide them transport and temporary care (and the start of a good diet!) before getting them to their new home - a loving family willing to take on a whole grumble of traumatized pugs in need. 



Wilson was surrendered through our website. Estimated around 9 years old, his vision is limited and he needs a neuter and some TLC, but he is the sweetest cuddle bug you'll ever meet and adores exploring the pampered life of an indoor only pup with access to soft beds, toys, and endless lap time with people. 



Luca was surrendered because his age-related ailments were too much for his family. He was extremely limited in mobility, but we were able to provide him a wheelchair. He also had untreated UTI, needed to be expressed, had ear infections, and horrible teeth. Luca came to us as a hospice pug and was treated like family until he passed away in January of 2022



Olive was picked up as a stray and found to be completely deaf and congenitally blind. This mini-pug needs to put on some weight (she barely tips the scales at 11lbs) but is managing well, happy and healthy! At 14 she's looking forward to a safe and stable retirement in her itty bitty diapers and her fluffy bed 



Sweet Betty was given up by her family at nearly 12 years of age as her mast cell cancer was back, she had gone blind and is nearly deaf, and she has become completely incontinent. She is a gentle soul and we are working hard to get her clean, heal her damaged skin, and get her comfortable as she lives out her remaining time being spoiled



Butters was left in a shelter by his family after 14 years. He is immobile and incontinent with a grade 5 heart murmur, advanced kidney disease, and severe periodontal disease. Butters constant discomfort has made him reactive to being handled and to other dogs, but he is a sweet old man who just wants to feel a little better.



Waffles found himself at the shelter and aside from some old age problems (he is 14!) he's just the happiest, most gentle, and loving tall boy. Agreeable, friendly, and excited to have multiple soft beds to choose from...Waffles is a unique looking old man who is happy to follow his people around and bring joy to everyone he meets.



Oh ButterBall - what a sweet, gentle and kind little guy. At 12, his family decided to surrender him to us due to some health issues he was beginning to experience like collapsing trachea. He's quickly shed a few pounds (with quite a few more to go lol) and is on meds to help him get comfortable. 



Sweet little old Fig. Poor Fig found himself homeless at 16 after his owner passed away. Fig was confused to end up in a shelter and needed a family to help him adjust to his dimming vision, hearing loss, and to get him back into shape with clean ears, and treatment for his infections and yeasty face rolls. And just look at those amazing wrinkles!! Fig loves being a Vintage Pug!!

Lady Bug


Itty bitty Lady Bug was relinquished by her owner. At 10 years old her uterus was herniated, both knees are badly damaged, and her teeth are so rotten the decay has caused fractures to her jaw. But she remains as sweet as can be! A spay surgery corrected her bulging uterus, custom orthopedic braces have been ordered, and soon she'll have dental surgery



Adorable little Marmalade was found wandering by herself with cystic and bleeding feet, and clear neurological issues. Vets suspect hydrocephalus, an injury to her spine, and general neglect left her in this state. Estimated only 4 years old, Marmy isn't a senior but needed our help as we work on her painful feet and get her back to thriving.



Darling Corn was surrendered by his owner with a huge mass on the back of his head, hind legs that hardly work, overweight, with dry eyes and bad teeth and a horrible cough. He needs a lot of TLC to get him back to healthy as his past 9 years haven't left him in too good of shape. He is a kind a gentle boy who trusts he'll feel better soon!

Gummy Bear


Cuddly Gummy Bear was wandering the desert alone. This gorgeous guy is estimated at around 12, and other than dry eye causing vision loss, and some badly infected ears, he is quiet, gentle and loving. He is happy as can be now that he has a place to rest his adorable round head with all the belly rubs he could ever hope for.